Student Affairs

Student Support

Booth Wellness Center

UT’s Booth Wellness Center is a comprehensive integrated care clinic offering both medical and mental health services to UT students. Medical & Health services include general services, including sick visits, minor wound care, medical testing, lab work, and exams. Mental Health Services include brief mental health services for students to help deal with mental health, emotional, or behavioral issues.

Services are confidential and free to currently enrolled UT students. We also provide Health Education & Prevention services which include topics such as suicide awareness, stress management, and general wellness.

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Student Resource Center

The Student Resource Center (SRC) offers comprehensive support to students, covering university policies, academic coaching, mentoring, and community connections to aid in successful postsecondary education completion. With a focus on basic needs, food assistance, and tailored resources for students with families, first-generation and non-traditional students, the SRC aims to educate, connect, and motivate students while providing essential support services and fostering a supportive campus environment.

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Veteran Services

Utah Tech University (UT) offers veteran and military students and their family members assistance in using their Veteran Administration (VA) or military educational benefits. Our staff is honored to help students through the process of admissions, eligibility application, registration, and maximizing their benefits to pursue educational, professional, or vocational objectives. UT adheres to the 8 Keys to Veteran’s Success as outlined in Executive Order 13607, “Principles of Excellence.”

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Disability Resource Center

Welcome to the Disability Resource Center (DRC), the designated department on the campus of Utah Tech University responsible for evaluating disability documentation, determining eligibility, and implementing reasonable accommodations for students who have disabilities that may affect their academic success.

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Testing Center

Testing Services will serve students and the local community by providing a secure and comfortable testing environment, will offer flexible testing hours that allow more time for in-class instruction, will strive for customer service excellence, and will generate revenue to fund its self-supported professional testing operations. Don’t forget to bring a photo ID!

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University Services

Academic Performance Center

The Academic Performance Center offers a variety of tutoring services, such as face-to-face and online tutoring sessions, to the entire student body. We want to make sure that you receive personalized attention from tutors who have your unique challenges and academic goals in mind.

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Student Fee Advisory Board

Your fees make a lot of the experiences you see on campus a possibility. They support the building of new facilities, athletic gear, MISA, and much more.

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Legal Clinic

The purpose of Utah Tech’s Legal Clinic is to provide FREE one-on-one instruction & assistance to students on an array of legal topics.

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Student Success Program

The Student Success Program at Utah Tech University is a structured first-year program designed to help students build a strong foundation for success.  Students with a high school GPA of a 2.8 or less qualify for this program. Our students have a team of people who work to help you succeed and find a personal pathway to success to reach your goals and dreams.

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Career Services

Career Services helps you obtain the career of your choice at graduation by assisting you with self and career exploration, choosing a major, writing a resume, building your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles, taking career assessments, getting an internship or job shadow, and more.

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Care Team

The CARE Team is committed to campus safety through proactive, collaborative and objective approaches to the holistic management of situations that pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat to the safety and well-being of the individual and campus community.

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