Utah Tech University

Student Affairs Strategic Plan

Our vision: holistic students ready for life

Mission Statement

Student Affairs is a catalyst for holistic student development by providing quality services and opportunities that increase student access and equity, promote student success, foster inclusion, and champion student engagement to enrich the overall collegiate experience.


Student-centered: Providing students with a wide variety of growth opportunities, learning experiences, and transformative mentoring to address their needs, interests, and aspirations

Inclusion: Intentionally engaging with group and individual differences in ways that increase awareness and equity, foster empathic understanding of others, and providing a welcoming atmosphere for all

Accountability: Working with honesty, transparency, and respect for others while holding ourselves accountable for our actions and modeling those behaviors to our students

Collaborative: Recognizing our interdependencies, we operate with a willingness to be helpful, thoughtful, considerate, and cooperative

Excellence: Continuously trailblazing as a division demonstrating thorough knowledge with contagious enthusiasm


  1. Promote student success by increasing student persistence, retention, and degree completion while enhancing transferable skills and encouraging personal growth
  2. Provide student engagement opportunities and increase student awareness of and access to those opportunities
  3. Provide programs and activities that encourage and support the inclusion of all students, recognizing that students possess varying abilities, backgrounds, identities, beliefs, and values
  4. Increase collaboration and communication between divisional departments and with campus and community partners
  5. Strengthen enrollment growth via strategic recruitment with a focus on retention
  6. Continuously invest in resources to facilitate growth for quality student services


Goal 1

Strategy 1: Increase degree completion rates, retention, and persistence at all levels.
Strategy 2: Implement co-curricular transcript system and increase student use of system.
Strategy 3: Research digital badging for measuring transferable skills.
Strategy 4: Create and feature video and written testimonials about what Student Affairs has done to help students on UT website.

Goal 2

Strategy 1: Find and collect information on all student engagement opportunities across campus.
Strategy 1: Create awareness campaign to get students more involved in campus life.

Goal 3

Strategy 1: Develop peer mentoring that will address cultural adaptation and campus integration, improving diverse students’ sense of belonging and access to resources.
Strategy 2: Develop and implement a cultural competency program for faculty, staff, and students.
Strategy 3: Provide needs assessment for student affairs departments.

Goal 4

Strategy 1: Plan and implement and track joint activities in student affairs to increase collaboration.
Strategy 2: Develop a communication plan for student affairs that encompasses divisional and campus-wide communications
Strategy 3: Develop and track collaboration activities and opportunities.

Goal 5

Strategy 1: Seamlessly integrate communications to create an authentic Utah Tech experience for prospective students & parents
Strategy 2: Increase students of color through partnering with MIC, targeted name buys, increasing diversity among student ambassadors, and creating strategic partnerships with local and regional high schools and colleges.
Strategy 3: Increase international student population through working closely with ISS to recruit and retain students, examining agent options, exploring domestic partnerships, and researching strategic partnerships with other organizations.
Strategy 4: Enhance UT’s academic reputation to become a top choice for students with high academic standards.